Website CasaCastroServices

Website Casa Castro Services

This website was created to meet the following:

  • Multilingual to reach clients in other countries.
  • To inform potential new clients about the services the client provide.
  • Designed on topic and aligned with the pictures provided.
  • Easily to find subjects of interests.
  • One call-to-action on the main pages.
  • Mobile friendly

The assignment of this project was: create a WordPress website and content in both English and Dutch, make it SEO-friendly, responsive and create one call-to-action on the main pages. And so it happens. Within a week the owner of this site has got an online business that targets a huge market in different countries.

If you want to enable your business to the Dutch market and need your website translated from English into Dutch, or if you need texts for your Dutch website, please contact me. I'll make sure your content is professional, SEO-friendly and attractive for your target group.

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